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As a company, you are probably interested in increasing your productivity as much as possible to be profitable. However, sometimes managers tend to be too strict and fail to take into account one of the most important factors for any employee: motivation in the workplace. Who doesn't want to feel comfortable at work? Well, whether you are an employer or just curious, learning how to motivate employees is not as complicated as it sounds. You simply need to take a deep breath, open up your mind and put into practice the following key tips to motivate employees. 


1. Work recognition. 

If you haven't read our blog post on how to be a good manager, we recommend you do so in order to understand this section better. The thing is that, as a manager, it is very important to know how to recognise the work of your employees. After all, it is very easy to tell someone off and point out all the things they do wrong. But how many times have you told your employees how happy you are with the work they have done? 

We all make mistakes, but we always like to be recognised when our work is well done. To motivate employees, it's important to let them know that you appreciate the effort they make every day to do their job well. This will help them feel more comfortable with you and motivated to continue working well and improving. 


2. Active listening. 

To motivate employees, it is also very useful to actively listen to the suggestions and proposals that your workers have. Apart from yourself, they are the ones that know best how the products and services of the company perform, and they may have many ideas that they do not dare to say out loud. Ask about for suggestions and feedback, and listen carefully to what they have to say. You will then show them that you value their opinions and it will help them feel closer to you.


motivate employees


3. Training. 

Markets are constantly being reinvented, and that is why workers value being able to grow professionally at work. Generation Z is one to value being able to learn new things every day that can be added to their CVs later on, so investing in training programmes is useful to motivate employees. 

If you think that training your employees is a waste of time and money, try to see it this way: by offering them training, you can easily appreciate which tasks are best performed by each one of them. This will help you plan the weekly projects and delegate responsibilities. 

4. The work atmosphere.

In order to motivate employees, it is also important to make sure that the workplace feels pleasant and comfortable. This not only about how clean and tidy the office is but also about having a good relationship with the workers and encouraging team spirit. The new generation, apart from being the future, usually values collaborating with others as they are not used to feeling part of a team. It is always beneficial for everyone that employees can trust their colleagues! 

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motivate employees


5. Incentives.

Simply showing appreciation by verbally acknowledging their work may not be enough. To motivate employees, consider offering some perks at work so that they have rewards to look forward to. Although it might sound a bit superficial, it will give credibility to your words of recognition. It doesn't have to be all about raising your salary or offering monetary bonuses, but these incentives can also translate into days off or flexible working hours. 


Where to recruit candidates

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