There are a lot of benefits of hiring Gen Z; true digital natives, Generation Z (the generation born between 1995 and 2015) know technology, social media, and how to brand themselves personally. In most workplaces, you can find four generations working with each other, and now Generation Z is joining these ranks in full force.

Benefits Of Hiring Gen Z

Unlike previous generations, Gen Z are driven by financial rewards and career advancement. This is understandable, as wages are mostly stagnant, the price of school fees and the cost of living has gone up substantially, compared to their generational counterparts. There is also a much greater need to achieve a harmonious work-life balance; thus, in turn, will create new challenges for bosses. 

Generation Z is the new workforce, and you as an employer will need to update, evaluate and make positive changes to attract Gen Z to work for you.

Gen Z Traits


Generation Z has many attractive qualities that should be important to you, your company, and to future-proof your business. Here is a list of Gen Z traits;

  • Generation Z are natural entrepreneurs.

Working with success stories of people in their garages creating apps; that make them overnight millionaires, Gen Z knows that there is money to be made from great ideas. Having this drive and ambition is a fantastic way to boost your own company's success.

  • Generation Z love technology.

Gen Z are known as digital natives, after all. Born with technology, the internet and smartphones; Generation Z knows the value and opportunity businesses can have with the right technology. Being online is a part of Gen Z culture; with this experience, brands and companies can improve their tactics and get their products and services known on a global scale. 

  • Generation Z are money-focused.

Gen Z has witnessed a recession and how the significant loss of money can affect lives. In turn, this means typically, Gen Z are more money motivated and will accept a steady income more readily. With an attitude like this for work, you are guaranteed to have a reliable and hardworking workforce. 

  • Generation Z are competitive.

Gen Z has grown up with competition, whether that is in school or their personal lives. Usually, this can translate into individualism rather than teamwork. However, having a workforce that works on its performance will increase productivity.


Benefits Of Hiring Gen Z

How Do You Attract Generation Z Employees?

Generation Z will soon be the largest workforce, and having an understanding of Gen Z traits and preferences will help you and your company attract job seekers. If your company has a culture that is not attractive to Generation Z, you will lose out in the long term. 

To start attracting Gen Z, you need to offer flexible work contracts, such as internships, and part-time and entry-level positions. This generation likes a steady and reliable income, and if they like you and your company, the longer they will stay. 

You should also start investing in new technologies and updating outdated work policies. Gene Z is all about diversity, work-life balance and creative ideas. If your workspace cannot adapt to this, you will lose many potential and talented Gen Z workers. If you can offer workplace benefits, you should. 

Another attractive quality you can offer is more training and work-related experiences. Generation Z wants to improve themselves, professionally and if they can, personally too. Courses that involve boosting soft skills are essential; because this generation mostly communicates through smartphones - so eye-to-eye contact and communication is a skills that some Gen Z'ers lack.


How To Recruit Young Talent?

You should update and adapt your recruitment processes. Long job descriptions with large blocks of text will put off many Gen Z'ers. Having your job listings mobile-friendly will also give you an advantage. Luckily, here on StudentJob, all the job vacancies you post with us will automatically be mobile-friendly. 

A lot of Gen Z are used to video, rather than swathes of text. A video of you, your brand and the office on your company website will be a big plus. You could introduce video CVs, asking Generation Z to send in videos of themselves. 

Another way to recruit young talent is to post your job vacancies online, via specialized websites, just as StudentJob. StudentJob is an online job portal that caters for students, graduates, internships and Gen Z. Why don't you place your free job advert with us today?

We make it easy for you to post vacancies and find the right candidate. With over 1 million candidates available, you can search our resume database yourself, or contact us for any help. StudentJob provides professional and tailored advice to increase applications; with us being the expert on young talent, this is a win-win situation! 

You can also increase your brand image by having a company page. If you have any questions,  contact us.

Benefits Of Hiring Gen Z

Hiring Gen Z

Hiring Gen Z is a fantastic way to future-proof you and your company. Although change may be risky in terms of business, you cannot deny that Generation Z is the new workforce and you will have to adapt. If you take our tips and start implementing them now, you and your company will be an attractive place for the next generation to aspire to work. 

Remember that Gen Z are digital natives, and you will have to embrace new technologies and new ways of communicating. Creating a welcoming, and creative workspace will encourage ideas, and providing workplace perks will mean you retain the talent you need. 

You can offer flexible working contracts and new educational pursuits. Providing soft skill courses for professional and personal means will be another reason Generation Z wants to work with you. 

Place your vacancy for free today, and start hiring Gen Z! If you like, we have more tips and information for you on our Employers Tips page.

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