The property industry covers a huge range of different roles and services - it is one of the most popular industries for the careers of graduates. But as with all industries, getting the job that you want probably is not as simple as applying for a position and it is given to you, even if you have the qualifications that are sought after.

Here we take a look at some of the things that graduates can do to help them get a headstart in their property - no matter what part of the industry they are interested in working in. 


Research the profession

It is all well and good thinking that you like the idea of working in property - or that you believe this is an industry where you can make money, but you if you are going to get a graduate role, you need to understand the industry and the profession you could be interested in. Take some time to understand the different elements of the property market and where your skills could be best put to use. 

Not everything in the property industry revolves around your ability to sell houses - there are many different roles fulfilling a wide variety of services. From surveyors and architects to town planners and engineers, this is a truly varied industry.


Understand the importance of networking

As with many industries, networking is vital in the property business. It is always best to have a large pool of contacts in the industry. But if you are a graduate who is completely new to the industry, the whole concept can feel a little daunting. Networking events and careers fairs can be vital in your job search, though, so it is important. 

This can actually be a brilliant way to develop a skill that everyone in property needs: self-confidence. No matter what area of the property market you are looking to work in, you need to be able to build rapport and communicate well. 


Develop your local knowledge

If you want any kind of job in property, it is essential that you understand the area that you are working in. A passing understanding grasp won’t cut it - you need to know the ins and outs; where are the upcoming parts of town? Where do families like? Where is it best holding off on investing in for a couple of years?

“When we are recruiting for graduate estate agents, we look for people who really know their stuff in the area,” says Jon Clayson of Hunters Estate Agents “there’s nothing that can substitute for genuine local understanding and it can make a big difference to the ability to sell a property the right way”. 

The property industry really is all about location, location, location. Graduates can benefit enormously from doing their research and really mastering local knowledge. 


Your degree may be less important than you think

There are many roles in the property industry that may require a degree, especially if they are involved in something technical. However, this is not always the case, and so even if you have a degree that is not related at all to the property industry it may still be possible to find a graduate role. 

Many graduates come to property from very different fields of study, because they realise that it is not necessarily having the degree that is important, but rather that you must have the necessary skills. Being able to do the job is much more important than the degree certificate - although of course, some roles do require very specific degrees. 

Talk to people experienced in the role that you are interested in and find out which kinds of skills come in useful. 


Final thoughts

There is a huge scope in terms of opportunities for graduates across the property industry, especially if you are willing to put in the work. This is also an industry where hard work and skills can go a long way - so while your degree can be an important way to get your foot in the door, it is actually qualities like perseverance and your ability to build relationships that will be key. 

Following the advice above can help any graduate develop a career in property - but if you want to progress and move forward, you’ll need to have a passion for the industry.

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