When you enter university, you must adjust to a busy schedule. Full-time courses take up much of your day, plus the time you spend getting your meals at the dining hall or socializing with friends. A full schedule makes it challenging to also commute to a part-time job, which is why many students now turn to online opportunities.

Here are seven virtual side hustles students can pursue this semester to earn a little extra cash. Whether you need help paying your bills or want a little spending money, these jobs offer flexible hours and skill-building opportunities you can use in your future career.

1. List Your Belongings

The fastest way to make money and skip another week of sandwiches is to list your belongings. See if you have any books you never read anymore or clothes you've outgrown. There's always someone looking for their next virtual treasure, so post what you don't need on popular sites like eBay or Depop. You could make a few extra pounds in the next few hours, depending on what you list.

2. Become a Search Engine Evaluator

The internet is a machine with many moving parts, so search engine evaluators are incredibly important. In this role, you would write critical, up-to-date feedback on the accuracy and relevancy of specific search results. Massive companies like Google and Leapforce hire evaluators all the time, keeping most positions open to entry-level applicants.

It's one of the fastest virtual student jobs you'll find, so consider how it could fit into your schedule and take advantage of your skillset.

3. Join a Virtual Student Magazine

Virtual magazines or blogs can give you a great professional experience for your curriculum vitae (CV). You'll learn how to work with a team, polish your communication skills, interview people for stories and operate the magazine's website. Whether you find a local publisher or student magazine affiliated with your university, there are numerous virtual student magazine roles you can apply for to learn various career-relevant skills.

4. Work As a Virtual Assistant

Many students looking for virtual side hustles find themselves applying to be a virtual assistant. In this role, you could work for a business or entrepreneur that needs you to write emails, manage a calendar and potentially answer calls. With current advances in education technology, it’s also a great time to be a virtual teaching assistant for one of your professors.

This experience could lead to a post-graduate job, boost your CV and open the door to a lifetime of climbing the ladder to career success.

5. Tutor Primary School Students

If you feel like an expert in any of your school studies, you could always tutor primary school students online. Depending on which company hires you, you might not even need experience in tutoring. Some businesses prefer people with A levels or a General Certificate of Secondary Education (GSCE), while others only require a general knowledge of a subject.

Check out opportunities with sites like My Tutor and Superprof to find virtual tutoring opportunities that fit what you can teach when you're not in class or focusing on homework.

6. Review Websites and Apps

Businesses need a user-friendly website and app to succeed, which requires constant reviews and updates. Companies hire people who need virtual side hustles and ask them to send feedback on their business's virtual presence. You could make money by discussing a site's technical issues, mentioning what information wasn't clear or what glitches you found on the app. 

Before submitting any applications, read each job post thoroughly. Some only require a high-speed internet connection, while others will ask you to have a camera and microphone ready to record your thoughts or participate in feedback meetings.

7. Rent Your Parking Space

Universities charge extra fees for students to rent on-campus parking spaces, but you might discover you don't need your car after paying for the semester or full educational year. If that's the case, check the parking rules and see if you can rent your space to students who need to commute.

Post about your parking space's location and availability to make extra money from students who need to park on campus and can't afford the parking office's full price. Conduct interviews online and make updates on the rental schedule to make a profit without meeting anyone in person.

Consider Your Skills

Everyone has skills they can offer when they need a job. Think about what you do well and what you want to do for your career. With a little time and research, you'll find virtual student jobs that fit your schedule and help your future career.

About the Author

Alyssa Abel is a learning and career writer who talks about student life, mental health, job searching and more. Follow along on her blog, Syllabusy.



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