With each passing year, there’s something new in Technology. Technology has proven to be one of the top areas that have piqued a lot of interest over the years. From Artificial Intelligence to Web Designing, Tech has it all. It’s also a booming sector for education, jobs, and entrepreneurship. 

A career in technology is accompanied by a comprehensive understanding of fields such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc. While the traffic in tech jobs mostly stems from the hefty payout it comes with, it has become more and more intriguing to the public now more than ever before. As we progress further in technology, the job sector is starting to accompany people of diverse aptitudes and skills. 

One such tech area is Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing can be defined as the consignment of highly demanded computing services such as applications, email, backup, data storage, processing power, etc. This corner of IT has branched out to several realms of technology, making more jobs in cloud computing a certainty. 


How does Cloud Computing work?

In the past few years, cloud computing has been a business solution for companies. Instead of buying their own data centres for storage, infrastructure, and computing services, companies can rent internet assets like cloud service providers’ storage applications. Some of the top cloud service providers account for AWS (Amazon Web Services), Server Space, Cloudways, etc. Companies like Netflix also depend on cloud services to manage their video streaming service. 

Some of the most popular job profiles in Cloud Computing are as followed:

  • Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers look after the technical aspects like designing cloud software along with systems to manage them. Domains such as IT architecture, operating systems, and software development are the key components of a Cloud Computing career. Cloud Engineers are hired to take care of critical services for employers ranging from data storage to data processing speed. 

  • Cloud Product Manager

As a Cloud Product Manager, your duties consist of product planning and sales processing. They design products for cloud-based services and analyze the position of their product. Cloud Product Managers are also responsible for the strategy part of maintaining the products. The position of a Cloud Product Manager requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Computer Science. Work experience at a software development company will be a great addition to your resume if you’re looking for a job in this field.

  • Cloud Sales Manager

Cloud Sales Managers handle the marketing side of cloud computing. They are in charge of helping the service provider mediate with C-level associates of their clients. They are supposed to raise the number of outsourced projects by corresponding with company executives.

To acquire the job of a Cloud Sales Manager, one needs to have a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration. Along with that, significant exposure to interpersonal roles is important. If you’re aiming for this position, you must have a comprehensive knowledge of building strategies to work with multi-sized corporations. This role requires the employee to travel 50 percent of the time. If that works for you, it would be an essential step towards building your career in tech.

  • Cloud Computer Systems and Network Administrator (CCSNA)

The work of a Computer Systems and Network Administrator involves upgrading network software, with the duty to handle the infrastructure of the cloud and manage it accordingly. Several companies require administrators to preserve communication and are in charge of hardware connections.

To apply for this job, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. You would also need a working knowledge of DHCP, NAT, network protocols, DNS, IP, and routing. Assortment skills and a background in network engineering is also necessary. 

That being said, IT companies, especially in the service department, have been opening their organization to Cloud Computing. One such firm is the London-based IT Support Company called EC-MSP

EC-MSP provides cloud solutions to businesses and helps in getting their data stored safely on the cloud. They also offer services like cloud storage, cloud email, and cloud desktop. A cloud desktop works like a normal desktop, but it’s stored on the cloud. They also offer consultations and assistance with network services, backup, cybersecurity, IT relocation, and solutions for everyday technical problems.

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