Struggling with finding a job that is suitable for you? Maybe it is time to look at online jobs for students in the UK. The pandemic has been a struggle for many of us specifically for college students who need to make some extra pocket money but didn't have the opportunity to work due to the lockdown. However, now that our world has mostly familiarized itself with the pandemic, not only classes and meetings but also jobs are still being offered online. Online jobs for college students have a lot of advantages as college students or students in general are very busy with their studies as well, they need to find a job that offers flexible hours and a job that they are able to get because as we all know, college students do not have much experience and therefore entry level remote jobs might be the perfect solution for students looking to start off their CV


If you are someone who is not quite sure if an online job would benefit you, then you might want to consider the advantages and disadvantages. Let's dive first into the advantages of having an online job as a student in the UK: you do not need to commute, most online jobs allow you to set your own hours (flexibility), less spending on transport and also you get to do everything from the comfort of your own home or student residence. On the other hand, you will not be able to make as many connections which for starting a career is quite important as well as you have to make sure you are someone who can work productively at home and won't get easily distracted. To sum up, the option of applying for an online job as a student in the UK might be more beneficial for someone with a busy schedule. 

Work from home jobs for students

There is a wide range of work from home jobs for students available nowadays. Realistically, finding a job overall will be hard especially for students, but there is always something out there. It will be hard at first but you should never give up because eventually everyone can find something that will interest them.  For those aiming for something more than an entry level remote job, there are various positions you can look into which include content creator. Being a content creator might require some sort of experience such as studying a subject that touches on the certain requirements needed to be a content creator. Another option is online marketing with certain skills and knowledge for students studying communication science, advertising, marketing and perhaps business administration. Lastly, being a copywriter online is definitely aimed at people who enjoy writing, are good at grammar and creativity (being able to come up with content). Work from home jobs for students can offer relatively good pay with most  paying 10 or more pounds per hour. 

Find online jobs with no experience 

Are you a student desperate to find an online job which require little or no experience? Most of these remote jobs are entry level jobs which is great for many students as they are known to have no previous experience and need something to boost their CV and gain some sort of professional skills. You might ask: But where can I get a remote job being someone with no experience? Well there are many online entry level jobs suitable for students but it might not be as interesting as you want it to be. However,  we all have to start somewhere and your first job will most likely be something you do not want to pursue in the future. Looking at the positive side however, you can gain a lot of experience to polish your CV as well as make good money. Now onto the real question, what work from home jobs with no experience can I get? Some options that you can look into are: 

  • Online Tutoring Jobs: flexible hours, earn money by teaching a language or a subject you are quite good at and being able to set your own hourly rate. 
  • Freelance writer: flexible hours, you also get to set your own hour rate but this job is recommended for people who enjoy writing. 
  •  Transcriber: can be repetitive and not that interesting but you can set a good price for each piece you have transcribed. 

With the few options that have been given to you, you now know that finding an online job with no experience is possible. Overall, having an online job as a student in the UK might not be the most ideal situation. However, it is a good to start off your career and don’t forget that remote jobs are flexible so you can also try to land a job at a cafe, shop or restaurant and earn even more money. But, of course, only if you have the time! 


Are online jobs for students in the UK popular? 

Nowadays online jobs are very popular especially amongst young people. You may not find a job in a small town however if you look at our remote jobs, you will eventually find a job that is suitable for you and your schedule. 

Would you recommend work from home for students?

Due to the pandemic, there are many remote jobs available perfectly suitable for students. These remote jobs can help a student like you to earn some extra cash on the side but also not be tied to strict hours which might not benefit you. 

Where can I find online jobs that will accept students with no experience?

Browsing the internet for a job as a student with no experience may be quite hard. However, on our website, you can find all sorts of jobs around your area. 

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