Summer. It’s the time to have fun and just relax but funding that fun can be a problem so how does one scrape together some extra cash in order to have the super summer of one’s young life?  Simply by applying to and (hopefully) landing a summer job for students. I know that when summer rolls around it is hard to think about working as you have just finished exams and just want to chill or head for Ibiza! But a summer job can get you a lot, not only that trip to the Mediterranean seashore but also maybe pick up some skills for your CV. 

There are so many summer job ideas that one can look into and you can even look into working by the beach at a nice cafe or restaurant or even in a city where you can work in a bar or a cute brunch place. The beauty about summer jobs is that most universities do require students to work a certain amount of hours while studying but not if it’s summer and so you can work as many hours as you can handle, even full time. But also, most summer jobs have flexible schedules and that means you can work either in the morning or at night which is super ideal for students as maybe you have evening plans and want to have a morning shift or maybe you went out last night and need to recover so you can take the night shift. 

Sure, the idea of working in the summer can be quite dreadful but hey, once you have completed working for about a month you can look forward to your trips and actually relax before going back to school. Summer jobs for students are very popular and can be a lot of fun as the sun is out, people are cheerful and you get to interact with friendly customers. 

Summer jobs in London

Are you a student who wants to go to a big city like London and get a summer job? This is the perfect opportunity to see what London has to offer during the summer. What can be better than moving to London for the summer and getting a job where you can meet people while working? London being a city that is targeted at different lifestyles can offer you a cool summer job whether it is at an urban cafe or maybe a cute little brunch place or even a nightclub. London can also offer jobs such as working in sales, marketing and even teaching - perhaps working at a summer school in some capacity. 

Furthermore, you can look into doing summer internships in London. It’s the perfect time to do internships as they are great for students to obtain some work experience but also doing an internship in London can mean earning a lot of money, more than most summer jobs open to students. Companies look for summer interns to partially fill in for holidaying employees so there are many opportunities and you can look into more summer internships in London. But bear in mind that London is quite an expensive city to live in for students. 

How to get a summer job 

First things first: you need to do your research ASAP! Summer job positions get filled quickly, even months before the actual start date. So do your research and think about where you want to work? What kind of job can I apply to? Does it require a certain skill set or previous experience? Then, once you have checked that out, you can now go ahead and apply. You can look into our blog on how to polish your CV and get one step closer to that summer job you really want. 

But really how does one get a summer job? You can look at job websites such as to see the variety of summer jobs offered by our website and our clients. Again, as there is always a surge in summer job applications - many students are always desperate to find a job during this time of year -  you have to remember not to give up and keep applying. Worst case scenario: you do not get the job you wanted for the summer (which frequently happens) but you can still apply to jobs that will give you the same amount of money or the same experience because at the end of the day, everything counts towards the CV.

You can even consider finding summer jobs abroad if you really cannot find anything that interests you or that you think will benefit you closer to home. Lastly, you should always write a new motivation letter which gets submitted to each job you want to apply for. When writing your motivation letter, you have to sell yourself and read beforehand what skills they expect from you and show them some examples of how you already have those skills and/or why you would be the perfect fit for their company. Additionally, the same thing applies for the CV so make sure it relates to the job you are applying for. 

Summer jobs for students in the UK can be a struggle so what I would suggest is doing two things. First, apply as soon as you can and second, dedicate an hour or two out of your day to just go on LinkedIn or our StudentJob website to apply to as many summer jobs as possible. 



When should you apply for a summer job as a student? 

 It is highly recommended to start searching for summer jobs right about now as those positions are normally filled months before the summer begins. 

Are summer jobs good for students in the UK? 

Summer jobs are a great experience for students especially if you are someone who wants to start boosting their CV. Summer jobs can help you gain a lot of skill sets and also build a network. And, of  course, there’s always the money!

Can students work full time during the summer? 

The beauty about summer is not only that you do not have to attend classes but you can work a full 40 hours as a student in the UK. 

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