Saving money on a student budget isn't easy… but worry not because it is very doable, and I'm here to show you ways to save money with Slash!

Check out the Slash extension to save money on online shopping as a student!!

What is Slash? Slash is an online extension to help you secure discounts and save money. With an extension like Slash, you automatically save money with various of their partners! All you have to do is download it to your browser and all the discounts are automatically set while online shopping, helping you save at a wide variety of shops!

Some of the shops that Slash is currently offering include Converse, Kocktail, LSW London, The Body Shop and so many more!

Have I still not grabbed your attention? Worry not because I put it to the test, so you don't have to! All I had to do was add the extension in my browser and I began to browse the shops that they offer. After browsing around, I found something that interested me! As a student, I definitely can't afford to buy a new notebook from LSW London, but Slash helped me find a variation of discounts! If a discount is there, it is automatically applied!

All I had to do was add what I was looking at into my cart, and Slash did the rest for me! In all honesty, this extension is so simple to use and extremely helpful with saving money for students who are on a tight budget. We're all on the same boat here; wanting to save our money but still be able to treat ourselves with new things while still being able to enjoy a night out at a pub with our friends! I am very impressed with how simple Slash is to use and how easy it is to set it up!

Check out the Slash extension to save money on online shopping as a student!

How to use Slash

How does it work? Like I said earlier, it is very easy to set up your account at Slash! Once you added the extension and created your account, you can browse through the shops that Slash is collaborating with directly on their website. Once you find something that interests you, all you have to do is check the Slash prices directly on that website with the help of the Slash extension. You can then simply use the Slash button and any available discount will automatically be added! You can check your cart at any time using the Slash extension. 

As a student I truly found this extension very helpful in my efforts of saving money and on top of that it is very easy to use! I recommend this extension to any student in the United Kingdom, who is looking to save money and be able to live on a budget while still being able to do and buy fun things!


How do I make sure the discount is applied?

Once you added the Slash Chrome Browser Extension and registered for a Slash Account, all you have to do is follow the given steps! Once you found an item you want at a supported website, make sure to click the blue Slash button on the checkout page - be sure to not click the original ´Place Order´ button, or you will be charged at full price!

What websites are supported by Slash?

You can find a list of supported websites here! Slash is constantly growing, so make sure to check up on new additions from time-to-time!

Is it safe to link my bank card to Slash?

Yes it is! Slash is verified with MasterCard, and they adhere to all payment card industry data security standards for the processing of debit and credit card transactions! Your data is safe with Slash!

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