In recent years, blogging has become a new profession that seems to attract everyone. It has a lot of advantages and, on the other hand, requires some special skills and qualities to follow, if you want to stand out. Blogging is free; interesting and creative; usually you don’t have fixed working hours; and you have a great opportunity to meet new people very frequently. 

However, not everyone can start blogging. If you don’t have enough motivation, energy, and ideas, better not start something that will end up like the medium class blog. But if you love communicating with different people, generate many fresh ideas, have a flexible schedule, and life full of interesting events and emotions, it's a sign you can start blogging and succeed.

By the way, in almost everyone's “eyes”, the work of a blogger is absorbing and here are some justified reasons why everyone loves working as a blogger. 

Top reasons why everyone loves working as a blogger

It’s already no news that blogging has become a speciality instead of being a hobby. It especially attracts younger people who are always aware about the latest trends on social media and also has more modern ideas brought to life. They love blogging for different reasons. 

For the very beginning you just need enough motivation and a clear plan to start, what type of blog it’s going to be, the niche of it, the target audience and other details that are important to clarify before starting the blog. Making people interested in and motivated through your blog, it’s also a big driving force to start a blog and devote yourself to this work. 

Besides all this, there are some particular reasons why blogging is such a lovable profession and why everyone at least once thinks of starting a new journey of blogging.

1. Opportunity to be creative 

Blogging is one of the rare professions which allows you to express your creativity and fully create your own content based on your unique ideas. There are no restrictions or limitations that can affect your blogging and creative thinking. The amount of content, the topics and other details are planned out and organized only by the blogger, there is no one who can judge or demand the other type of content. There’s only exceptions when bloggers are being paid for their content and the customer can discuss topics and the approach of representing it with the blogger, but in a polite and calm manner, also giving a blogger an opportunity to create and free its imagination.

Creativity in blogging lets bloggers feel free to express themselves as an artist and also do it like a hobby, a lovely job, but not a forced job. It makes the working process more creative, easy and full of interesting ideas. It gives an opportunity to always try and learn new things and use it during the work, becoming more and more creative. Following  media and entertainment marketing frequently, will help bloggers to always stay up-to-date and create their content more professionally. When the world is full of jobs with a lot of restrictions, blogging let you step out the boundaries and to create out of it. 

2. Flexible schedule 

One of the top advantages of blogging is the flexibility, when you can choose your working hours, location and approaches. You can easily find remote jobs on freelance websites and also run your blog at the same time. Especially if you run a personal blog about your lifestyle, you can create content whenever you want, whether it’s the middle of the night or early morning. The question is only about creating content relevant to your audience and choosing the main active hours to post content and get enough engagement. 

Due to flexible schedules, bloggers can plan their day and spend it without thinking about overwhelming working hours. They can also have personal and social life by attending many interesting events and workshops, attending shops and cafés, and also creating a content of it telling about it to their audience by combining the useful with the pleasant. 

3. A chance to make extra money

We can see a lot of bloggers, who travel all the time, buy the most expensive clothes and accessories, and eat in the best restaurants of the town. But how can they afford everything? The answer is that blogging has become a very beneficial business in the last few years. It gives an opportunity to make extra money by just having fun and creating interesting, emotional and funny content, but in case bloggers have properly organized marketing budget, like in every sphere of business. The audience will pay bloggers to follow their lifestyle with the hope to learn something new and useful. 

The other way that bloggers are being paid is by advertisement on social media, which is well known as affiliate marketing. There are many high-paying affiliate programs beginners can join. It has become a very popular and effective way of promotion. Different advertisement makers are “seeking” the help of bloggers who have built a loyal audience which is ready to listen and trust them to buy the products they are promoting. So it's quite real to make extra money only if you are responsible for your content and audience, and always keep them engaged by interacting with diverse content. On the other hand, if you are starting a blog without enough passion by just looking for money, you will fail anyway. 

4. Meet new people

Blogging is a great opportunity to always meet new people and make friends all over the world. When you blog on a certain topic, people who think in the same way and are interspersed in such topics, they are uniting all together in one thought. And it creates a platform to meet them, exchange ideas and expand community. With a large community, you can share your thoughts or share good places and give recommendations on how to spend your time and others. 

Blogging gives a chance to interview famous people and interact with them by sharing their thoughts with an audience. It fills the everyday life of bloggers with interesting stories, and on the other hand it’s a great way to create appealing content on your blogging platform which will be interesting to an audience. Also, by expanding your community, you can become a thought leader in your community and have a positive influence on them, and some of them will become loyal readers or users of your blog.

5. Expressing opinion freely

This one is probably the most important part of the job of blogging that people love. They can use their blog for expressing their opinion, thoughts and emotions freely to an audience without thinking, being afraid or uncomfortable. With all of this, if they know how to generate leads online, they will attract more users to visit their blog. This can be in different ways and formats, via video or photo content, or by inspiring text content. 

Blog is a platform of joy and entertainment, so expressing opinions may be represented in a humorous way or telling it as a story. Readers and users usually enjoy this type of blogs as they find good stories with sincere scenarios, and also it makes a sense of a friendly atmosphere. Expressing opinion and thought freely gives a great chance to talk almost about everything that interests a blogger and might probably interest its audience. For example, by seeing an unjustifiable thing, you can talk about it and exchange opinions with your audience and maybe find a better way to solve an issue. 


This article was about why people love blogging so much and the truth about working as a blogger. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the profession and why it's a great choice for everyone. You can freely express yourself and earn money due to your creative ideas, meet new people and set your own schedule for the day. Blogging is such lovely but also very responsible work which requires hard work and passion to succeed and enjoy what you do. 


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