Recruitment during Covid-19

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Due to the coronavirus crisis, there is an extra demand for people in some sectors, while in others the work is completely halted. We can help you find the staff you need, in a quick, easy and stress free way! Utimately, we are here to help. So do you need extra workers quickly? Fill out the form below or call our hotline: +44 2039 6561 84 to get in touch with one of our Account Managers and discuss your vacancy options.

Coronavirus Guide

Extra services for you during COVID-19

We are all currently experiencing challenging times. While we hope you and your family are well, StudentJob is still up and running as usual to help you however we can. We are now offering free and discounted services for you to recruit employees as fast as possible:

  • Discount on your vacancies
  • Free direct mailings to candidates
  • Visibility on our social media

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