How to hire an Apprentice

Where to Find An Apprentice?

An apprentice is an individual who is learning a trade from a skilled employer. An apprentice will agree to work for a fixed period at a low wage, their wage will be dependent on their age, their qualifications and the sector they are working in. An apprentice is usually required to attend university or college at least once a week. There are a variety of benefits that hiring an apprentice can bring to your team including new insights, increased productivity and the opportunity to train an individual into your model employee. On this page, we will explain where to find an apprentice and some of the benefits of hiring an apprentice.

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Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice

There are many reasons why hiring an apprentice is good for your business. They will provide a different opinion and view to your business, apprentices will often be young so they will be fresh out of education and therefore familiar with the latest tools and techniques. Apprentices are cheaper than hiring an experienced employee who has been working within the industry for multiple years. However, it is important to still pay your apprentice a fair wage, if they feel like they are being taken advantage of they will lack motivation and won’t want to stay within your company on completion of their apprenticeship.

Things to Know Before Hiring an Apprentice

Make sure you have done your research before hiring an apprentice. You need to ensure that you can offer them the experience and the tutoring that they will need, hiring an apprentice should not be done just as a way of reducing your monthly wages. You should want to hire an apprentice because you want to help them learn the trade that you are operating in. Before hiring an apprentice you need to find the right trainer provider, the Government will pay 95% of this. But make sure the training covers all the skills you want them to learn.

Find an apprentice
Find an apprentice

How to Find an Apprentice?

Find the right apprentice, it is incredibly important to have an apprentice who fits well into your team. They need to have the skills that you are looking for and a personality that matches your teams. Our platform offer recruiters a platform where they can find the perfect candidate and our specialists would be happy to assist you in your recruitment process. We have a variety of different vacancy options, our team of experts would be happy to arrange a call with you to ensure you choose the right vacancy for you and your company, ensuring you find your perfect apprentice.

Post a Vacancy on StudentJob

After reading this page, we hope you now feel like you know a bit more about what an apprentice is and what they can add to your team. If you are interested in posting an apprenticeship vacancy, contact our team today, we would be happy to discuss your different options and help you find your perfect apprentice.

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