Graduate jobs in Penryn

There are 8 graduate jobs in Penryn.

Want to know all about graduate jobs in Penryn? StudentJob did the research for you. Penryn is a charming market town in west Cornwall that houses a diverse community, ranging from university students to artists. The Exeter University Penryn Campus and the Falmouth University Penryn Campus attract a vibrant mix of students from engineering, science, humanities and arts backgrounds. In such an academic environment, you’ll find from teaching jobs in Penryn to online marketing jobs in Penryn. Fancy using your people skills to resolve customer inquiries? You can go for a customer service job in Penryn. Curious about which jobs we have for you? Browse through this page to see all graduate jobs in Penryn. Want to get notified when there’s a new graduate job in Penryn matching your profile? Subscribe to our email alert, and you’ll be the first to know.

What you need to know about graduate jobs in Penryn

As you’re looking for a graduate job in Penryn, you may not have a lot of work experience under your belt. But you can get an entry-level job in Penryn on our platform. These positions will teach you valuable skills, improve your CV and help you climb a step in the job ladder. Are you recently graduated but not ready to leave the campus? Go for a Penryn campus job. You’ll get to learn about responsibility and work ethics, earn money and enjoy the university bubble a little longer. Do you want a job you can do from home? Try a work-from-home job in Penryn. Want an entry-level job in Penryn where you can use your problem-solving skills? Go for a marketing job in Penryn.

Maybe you want to land a graduate job in Penryn with flexible work hours. If so, how about going for a part-time job in Penryn? You’ll have time to finish your studies, to set up your own business, or do anything you want. In any case, a part-time job gives you the stability and independence you desire. Are you a graduate with good communication skills? Consider a part-time teaching job in Penryn. Do you hold a science degree? Find a part-time science job in Penryn that match your skills. Discover all vacancies available at part-time jobs in Penryn. But wait, is your CV the best it can be? StudentJob can help you build a professional-looking document to impress your future employer. Use our free CV maker to create a top CV and get closer to landing your graduate job in Penryn.


How many Graduate jobs are there in Penryn?

There are 8 graduate jobs in Penryn. Stay up to date with new job vacancies that match your degree and skills: subscribe to StudentJob.

Are there any customer service jobs in Penryn?

Yes, you can see all vacancies available at customer service jobs in Penryn.

Are there any graduate jobs near Penryn?

Yes, you’ll find graduate jobs near Penryn in the cities of Plymouth and Exeter. To see the vacancies, check out graduate jobs in Plymouth and graduate jobs in Exeter.

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