Finding a job

Finding a job

Finding a job is something that we all experience during student life. You may have a job during school, or have a job during uni. You may also find your first job after completing uni! Whichever stage you are at, it may seem challenging finding a job! Then comes balancing your work, study and personal life! This is why it is important to make sure that you find the right job for you. Going straight into a job after uni can also have its challenges, what if you don’t have enough work experience or you may just have no idea about how to go about finding a job? That’s why we are here to help! We have all been there, applying to a first job and sitting that first-ever interview; it's all part of entering the working world! In this blog section, you can read our top tips to make sure that you find the right job for you!

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Job hunting tips

There are a couple of key job hunting tips to be aware of. Let’s start from the beginning and go through every step of how to get a job! Firstly, what job do you want to apply for? Are you looking for a graduate role or a casual Saturday job?Luckily there are plenty of online resources to help you browse jobs. If you aren’t sure what hours you want to work and your level of commitment. Then, think about what kind of job you are looking for and what skills you have for that job. Take a look at our blogs to find more job hunting tips

How to get a job

These tips on how to get a job will help save hassle, time and disappointment on your way to finding your career path. Of course, everyone goes through job rejection; this is the norm and helps you grow as an individual. So if you are rejected, ask why and see how you can better yourself for next time! Some of our top tips relate to making your CV the best. Ensure that it is easy to read and is catered to the job that you are applying for.  Maybe you are applying to a  summer job or even a job abroad! Explain why you are interested in these types of roles. That is the same with your cover letter. Show off on your cover letter why you fit within the company and what skills you bring, while highlighting that you have researched the company. Hopefully, with the help of our blog articles, you will know how to get a job and be well on your way to getting your ideal job!

Student job search

Finding a job as a student can be difficult. However, you just need to know what to look out for to ensure the role is suitable for students and fit your potential experience level. StudentJob UK is set up for giving young adults and students the helping hand needed. Check out the popular job pages, here you will find plenty of student-friendly roles, it is basically a short cut for your student job search!  We also provide a wealth of job tips so you can find a job alongside career advice, so be sure to check out the other blog sections too! Happy student job searching!