Saving money

Saving money as a student

Saving money is something that most students will have on their mind. Even from day one you may have worries about your finances, but there are things that you can do to save your bank account from drying up! From thinking before you shop, to walking to work or keeping to a budgeting plan, we have tips that work for everyone. Saving money may be far easier than you think! This section is all about giving you the best advice so you can find ways to save money and maybe even top up your savings!

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Money-saving tips

At uni, there are plenty of money-saving tips. Removing Apple Pay from your wallet on a night out or having your student card in your hand on all shopping sprees are both good ways to start saving money. Craving that restaurant meal out? Why not take a look at apps like too good to go, plenty of restaurants put on any food that could go to waste at a bargain deal. Here you can not only read about where you can shop or eat with a discount but all other money-saving tips and hacks to make your student life a little easier! 

Ways to save money and make money! 

What are the best ways to save money? Firstly, make sure to check out our budgeting advice too. Here you will find out all about student finance and how to make a dummy-proof budgeting plan, as your first step will be organising your finance. Then you know how much money you need to save and can think about ways to save money. Of course, as you find ways to save money, there are also ways to make money! StudentJob has a range of student-friendly vacancies which can give you some extra cash just by working in your free time! So… you could always start applying for jobs!  

Smart saving

Smart saving is becoming the newest crave, and we love it! Every brit loves a good deal. So, before you buy something online, be sure to check out one of the money-saving websites just to check there isn't a discount available! Most online retailers offer a discount on your first shop when you register, so make sure to check it out. Other smart saving tips include rethinking travel options. If you are going on a long train journey, see whether splitting your ticket can save you money! Although you may not like this one, try to avoid splashing out on coffee every day. This can help in saving money far easier!