Study and work abroad

Study and work abroad 

There are countless reasons why leaving your home country can be one of the best decisions you make. If you leave for an extended period of time, you can explore the world while studying or working abroad, which can be extremely worthwhile. Trust us, it really is the experience of the lifetime and can impact you in more ways than you may think! You can include your new experiences in your CV, learn new languages and discover new cultures, all while meeting new people and adapting to a new pace of life. We have collected some great blogs to help you find all the information about study and work abroad. Maybe the next time you are at the airport, you are about to embark on your biggest adventure yet!

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Overseas job

Finding a job abroad is an amazing experience, no matter what your age or where you go! Getting an overseas job can come in so many different forms, from a graduate job, internship or volunteering. All will give you a wealth of experience and the opportunity to immerse yourself into a lifestyle away from home. Volunteering or doing charity work is definitely a fulfilling way of seeing more of the world while helping others. Explore our blogs to understand how securing an overseas job can be the right thing for you! 


Looking to go abroad, but worry about money constraints? Did you know that there are plenty of scholarships to study and work abroad that you could apply for? Erasmus opportunities are available to help students participate in mobilities abroad. Erasmus + allows UK students to participate in experiences within Europe, which they may not have been able to do with only grants for living costs and additional funding support. Erasmus is aimed to help students, trainees, apprentices and teachers, so see whether you are eligible! In an experience like this, the personal and professional growth you will achieve is definitely worthwhile. Check out this Erasmus abroad guide to find out more. 

Year abroad

You may be wondering about doing a year abroad as part of your studies. A year abroad could be the added bonus of your degree and could take the form of either a placement or study year. A study year gives you plenty of time to explore the area, while a placement can give you the work experience that gives you an edge to your CV! It may seem daunting packing up your room and moving overseas, so why not test the water with a summer job? You could discover a summer opportunity in whichever country takes your fancy. What about a job on the south coast of Spain or across the pond with a job for a summer camp in America? Explore your work abroad options on StudentJob now!