What are the top jobs for earning cash while studying?
Being a student is great! New qualifications, faces, places, discounts, debt...

Now, about that last one…why not check out these debt-defying solutions below?

1. Animal lover? Get paid to walk or sit dogs!

Love animals and fancy earning money by looking after them and getting some exercise?! As a student, you’re likely to have flexible hours during the day so why not help out busy dog owners? Take a look at Trailster.

Expect to earn around £10 an hour, but this can vary and owners who build a trusting relationship with you can be very generous! Check out The Pet Manny or Bone Rangers too.

2. Want to earn a great wage? Try tutoring.

Tutoring has to be one of the best money earners for students. Why not earn money helping others with your subjects or areas of expertise? There are some great tutoring companies out there such as Tavistock Tutors. 'Becoming a tutor with them' will not only see you managing your own clients, but you could be earning £150/hour as one of their top tutors! It’s a great way to meet people, impart your knowledge and earn a fantastic wage! 'Hear what their tutors have to say'

3. The traditional route – finding a part time job.

This is an obvious choice for students and it can provide a decent and steady income. Why not try bar and cafe work, serving in restaurants working in retail? Look to earn around £7 an hour plus extra in tips! Bear in mind that it can be difficult finding work that is right and flexible for you.

4. Sell your course notes and books.

Why not sell your hard earned course or revision notes? You could earn from the study notes that have been idle in your desk all year! Students studying similar courses will pay to have them! Check out Notesale or Stuvia and earn cash for your academic goods! Sell your old, unused text books too. You may not need them anymore but other students will be desperate to get their hands on them! Try We Buy Books and Bookfinder for some great ways to offload your unneeded books, make some extra space and earn some extra cash!

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5. Freelancing 

Make the most of your skills and earn money by writing, designing or editing in your spare time. You can work for clients around the world simply by having a laptop and an internet connection! Take a look at The StudentJob search or freelancing site, Upwork as a great starting place.

6. Get paid to do what you already do, surfing the internet!

There are lots of ways you can earn money by surfing the web from the comfort of your own couch! Qmee rewards you for searching using Google and Yahoo (couldn’t be easier, right?!). Why not head over to Clickworker while you’re at it and get paid to do your web browsing?
Lots of sites will pay you for completing surveys and activities online! Try Swagbucks and Inbox Pounds to get the cash rolling in.

7. Get paid for shopping!

Make cashback on purchases and benefit from some great savings! Try Top cashback and Quidco and take a look at Roamler to start earning money for performing retail tasks in your area.

Marcus Ereira, Founder/Director of Tavistock Tutors

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