Struggling to find an internship? Don’t panic!

By Kim Whitty on 30-05-2016

Struggling to find an internship? Don’t panic!

So you spent hours perfecting your CV, contacting clients and refreshing your emails but had no success gaining an internship? Don’t panic, here’s Plan B.

As the summer break loomed over my last month of my second year at University I did not reciprocate the excitement of my peers. Following my previous summer, I knew this was not an opportunity to kick back and relax, this was my time to find work experience that would enable me to get a job following my graduation.

After an immense struggle last year to find an internship, I tried to be organised this year and contacted businesses prior to breaking up for the summer, practically begging them to give me a chance at interning for them. However, despite my enthusiasm I failed to find an internship that would be suitable for me. But, despite my lack of a summer internship, I did not panic and neither should you. There are a whole host of opportunities for students in order to keep themselves occupied this summer, improving their skills and broadening their experiences within their industry.

For me, studying public relations, I broke down the requirements to be a successful public relations practitioner and honed in on how to improve these individual skills. For example, a huge part of public relations is excellent writing skills, therefore I tried to find writing opportunities (such as this one) to put on my CV in order to show future employers that I made an active effort to improve and showcase my writing skills. In addition to this, I also focused on my communication skills as a huge part of public relations is focused on engaging with people. I concentrated on this element by getting a part time retail job for over the summer, which will show prospective employers that I have excellent communication skills and a successful customer service background. 

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Is creativity a substantial part of your career? Join a drawing club, take part in a pottery workshop or kick start a portfolio of your creative ideas. The opportunities are endless, use this summer to make you a more well-rounded candidate and demonstrate your ability to adapt to new tasks. Just because you are not part of an internship programme, it does not mean you can’t take part in new experiences, manage a project or get involved with your local community.

Still find you have spare time that you want to fill? Volunteer! From working with children to animals there are a whole host of volunteering opportunities that could help you gain experience and skills that are vital for a successful position in your chosen career. Contact your local charities to see how you could use your spare time giving back to the community, it’ll make you feel good!

So, if you don’t have an internship with a top company this summer, do not panic. Break down the skills needed for your career and focus on individual elements to improve on. All of these experiences will prove to your future employers that you utilised your spare time by improving yourself to be the best you can be for your industry.

Kim Whitty, 20, Public Relations Student.



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