Now that you’re 16 years old the kind of jobs you can do become less limited and the world is your oyster. So, get your CV in order, note down your National Insurance number (which you are automatically sent) and start applying to jobs. Below is a list of the best jobs for 16-year-olds.

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Tutoring Jobs

Tutoring jobs are one of the many vacancies we have available. This is a rewarding job as not only will you be helping someone improve their knowledge on a subject but you will also be testing yourself which is great for self-improvement. This is also a great part-time job for 16-year-olds with no experience since the skill requirement is low. You just have to great at a subject and have excellent communication skills. In addition, tutoring jobs are one of the best-paying jobs for 16-year-olds as some vacancies allow you to set your own salary.

If you don’t have enough time to work a 9-to-5 job then don’t worry! These jobs allow you to be flexible thanks to the fact that you can choose your own working hours. Therefore, it’s completely up to you if you want to work part-time, weekends or simply whenever you have free time. You can also work online from the comfort of your home if you desire. Start using your smartness to earn an extra income!

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Care Jobs - Babysitting and Pet Care

If you’re passionate about taking care of others then turn that passion into a job. There is a range of jobs that fit the care spectrum but the best jobs for 16-year-olds are babysitting and pet care.

If you have some experience taking care of kids (it doesn’t matter if it’s just your younger brother!) then give babysitting a try. It’s a great way to get paid for a job that you might already do and you can work on a part-time or weekend basis giving you enough time to study. If kids aren’t your thing and you consider yourself more of an animal person then there are plenty of pet care jobs available for 16-year-olds. From pet sitting to dog walking, there’s something for everyone. Like tutoring jobs, these vacancies are great for 16-year-olds with no previous experience as none is required.

Retail Jobs

There is a range of retail jobs available for 16-year-olds. If you’re someone that likes interacting with others then apply to customer assistant vacancies as this will allow you to meet different people each day. However, if you’re someone who absolutely hates talking to people then apply to the jobs that are more in the back like a stockroom assistant. These jobs are amazing as you can learn and improve so many skills such as communication and time-management.

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Bar & Restaurant Jobs

There are hundreds of bar and restaurant jobs up for grabs and they’re the perfect starter jobs. Sadly, you have to be 18 years old to work behind a bar that serves alcohol so you won’t be eligible for many bar jobs. However, you can still be a glass collector at a pub or bar. A perk that comes with the job is that you get tips!

If collection glasses is not your thing then there’s a range of jobs you can still apply to. From being a waitress to making pizzas, the opportunities are endless. These jobs are great for 16-year-olds as you can work part-time, on the weekend or just in the evenings. Some of these vacancies do ask for previous experience (or say its desirable) but with a great CV, you still have a chance of getting the job with no work experience.

What are you waiting for? Start applying now!

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