There are a lot of reasons to hire someone with no experience. Employers get hooked on the, "You must have at least 100 years of experience for this entry-level job." This is unrealistic and also unfair on candidates and for you, the employer. A lot of employers are looking for the perfect candidate, but that person does not exist. As a recruiter or boss, you should be looking for someone who ticks most of your boxes and has potential. Hiring someone with no experience can be advantageous to you and your organisation. You will get a worker who is loyal, willing to learn and adapt and let's face it; an inexperienced worker is cost-effective. Here are our top reasons to hire someone with no experience.

Reasons To Hire Someone With No Experience


Fresh Graduates VS Experienced Workers

  • Hiring a fresh graduate (someone with no experience) is good for social responsibility. Recent graduates won't have to travel out of their country to find work, because you, as an employer, will hire them with no experience and will add to the skillset of the country. You can offer internships, easy to follow onboarding processes or other courses. After all, to get experience, graduates need a job.


  • Fresh graduates are cost-effective. An experienced worker comes with qualifications and other factors that boost the price tag. If you own a start-up company, hiring someone with no experience is advantageous. 


  • Inexperienced workers are loyal. Because it is (unfortunately) hard to get a job without experience, once an inexperienced worker gets that job, the longer they will stay with you. Experienced workers are in high demand, and if a better opportunity comes along, they may leave. Inexperienced workers will be loyal, long-term workers. 


  • Another benefit of inexperienced workers is their willingness to adapt and learn. In turn, this is great for you, because you can mould them into the employee you want. Inexperienced workers are eager to learn new skills and wish to impress. An experienced worker may not want to adapt or change and may be intolerant to your policies and working culture.


What Are The Advantages Of Hiring A Fresh Graduate?


Reasons To Hire Someone With No Experience

So what are the advantages of hiring a fresh graduate? Including the points above, a fresh graduate will also provide a new and refreshing look at working life. In most cases, a fresh graduate will be from Generation Z, who are Wizz Kids with technology and have innovative ideas. If you want to keep your company future-proof, you will need to adapt yourself with the values and culture in the new generation of workers.

Another point about hiring a fresh graduate is that, in most cases, they work harder. Graduates want to impress, they listen well, and they learn quickly. In turn, this means more productivity and profitability.

In summary, the advantages of hiring a fresh graduate are;

  • Low salaries.
  • Serious about work.
  • Have different views and ideas.
  • Are enthusiastic about learning.
  • Are fantastic with technology.
  • Graduates are an excellent long-term choice.


Interviewing Candidates With No Experience


Reasons To Hire Someone With No Experience

Once you have found the perfect candidate, you will need to move on to the interview stage. Interviewing candidates with no experience is a little different from interviews with a candidate with experience. You will need to adjust your typical interview questions for inexperienced people. Instead of asking about work experience, you may need to ask about school experiences. A great example is, "How did you handle working on a group project? What went well, and what didn't?"

There should be some core questions that you can ask; which are more generic, about themselves and you as a company. A few examples of core interview questions are;

  • Tell me about yourself? This is a good ice breaker and hopefully will calm down the nerves of the candidate. After all, this may be their very first job!
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is a good question about self- evaluation and honesty. The answers they provide will also allow you to know if they are a good fit for the company or not. 
  • Tell me about this class/course? You want to know about what they have studied and what they have learned. 
  • What are your long-term goals? Asking this question will allow you to see how ambitious they are (or not) and if their goals are in keeping with yours and the companies.

Other questions you should ask in an interview with no experience is;

  • Give me an example where you had to work with other people? What were the challenges? Questions like this allow you to know about their various experiences working in teams or group projects, and if there were any challenges, how did they overcome them.
  • Why are you interested in this role/company? Another good question to learn if they have done their homework! A candidate who has done their research on the role, and you and the company means they care and want to work with you. 
  • Do you have any hobbies or activities outside of school? Asking this question means you're interested in them personally and you are learning about other experiences and opportunities they take to learn something new.


Hire A Student


Reasons To Hire Someone With No Experience

One of the best ways to give some experience to a graduate is to hire a student! If you offer internships, part-time or weekend jobs, and flexible working hours, then hiring a student is a fantastic way for you to get excellent workers. 

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Now you know the many reasons to hire someone with no experience. You can mould that person into the employee that you want, they are less expensive, and they are eager to learn and adapt. Not only are they astonishing with technology - they even come up with fantastic creative ideas of their own! Hiring someone with no experience, a student or a graduate is a brilliant way to future-proof you and your company.

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