Hire an Apprentice in Edinburgh

Hire an Apprentice in Edinburgh

An apprentice is someone who works within your company whilst learning on the job, they are usually aged from 16-24 years old and can be a real benefit to your company. Although they will often be required to complete one day a week at university or college, the rest of the time they will be learning on the job within your company. There will be thousands of candidates looking for an apprenticeship in Edinburgh, therefore you are sure to find someone who fits perfectly into your company.

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Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice in Edinburgh

Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice in Edinburgh

    Apprentices are either still students or recently graduated so they will be fast learners, which is really useful when you are training them. Apprentices can also offer valuable insights as a learning individual as well as a chance for you to train the apprentice into your role model employee. In Scotland, over 28,000 candidates took part in an internship that started between 2019/20! This means when you are looking to recruit an apprentice in Edinburgh you will have a large candidate database and applicants. This is excellent for ensuring you hire the perfect candidate through us.

How to Hire an Apprentice in Edinburgh

With the help of our expertise, finding an apprentice in Edinburgh is pretty straightforward. Simply contact our team of experts today and they would be happy to discuss potential vacancy plans and the most appropriate option for you and your business. StudentJob works with recruiters and candidates to make sure the recruiters are satisfied with their apprentices and to make sure candidates are undertaking an apprenticeship that they are interested in and getting the right training.

How to Hire an Apprentice in Edinburgh

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