Hire an Apprentice in Glasgow

Hire an Apprentice in Glasgow

On this page, we will inform you about the benefits of hiring an apprentice in Glasgow and how you can hire an apprentice in Glasgow. Between 2019/20 over 28,000 candidates started an apprenticeship in Scotland, you are therefore sure to find someone who fits perfectly into your company with our help. An apprentice is a person who learns while working on the job, having agreed to work for a fixed period at low wages. StudentJob works with recruiters to make the application process that little bit easier, and to make sure you find yourself the perfect apprentice candidate.

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Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice in Glasgow

Benefits of Hiring an Apprentice in Glasgow

    There are many reasons why hiring an apprentice in Glasgow can be a great option for your workforce, they have much lower labour costs and if your apprentice is between 16 and 18 years old the cost of their training will be met in full by the government. Another benefit of an apprentice is once they are fully trained and qualified, if you valued them they will be inclined to continue working within your business if given the opportunity. Therefore taking on an apprentice isn't just training someone, it is long term recruitment of your role model employee too.

How to Hire an Apprentice in Glasgow

Hiring an apprentice in Glasgow has never been easier, you can contact our team of experts today and they would be happy to discuss potential vacancy plans and the most appropriate option for you and your business. When advertising your job on our site you gain access to our database of over 1 million candidates, and our specialists will help you optimize your vacancy to ensure you are reaching as many suitable candidates as possible. We will ensure you find the perfect apprentice.

How to Hire an Apprentice in Glasgow

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We get it. Looking for employees can be stressful. It takes up your time, effort and most importantly, money. That’s why at StudentJob we are offering first-time clients the opportunity to post a job advert for free. No obligations. If you take advantage of this offer you will still benefit from our tailored Account Manager service and assistance every step of the way. If you are happy after one month, let's discuss how we can maximise your reach and enhance your job posting experience. Otherwise, you are free to walk away. Place your job advert for free and let us connect students to you.

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