Student life

Student life 

We’ve all been there! Studying at school and just student life, in general, is a busy period as you’re learning new things, meeting new people and making amazing memories. Anyone who sees the student life as full of textbooks, lecture halls and exams is definitely missing out on the extras! Life at school and uni is so much more than just studying, that’s what we believe here at StudentJob! That is why we have created various blogs to share tips we lived by in our student days (we aren’t that old, promise!). Check them out below and find out how you can make the most out of your student life!

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Life at school

It may feel like life at school drags on over the years, especially when you don’t enjoy school. For others, it can be the best time of your life as you make lifelong friends. You are also met by a lot of different choices in your student life; what GCSE’s to do? Then, what A-Levels or college course should you pick? Then even more! What about an apprenticeship or uni degree? With so many questions to answer, we had to create a blog section on it! Check out some of our advice on managing life at school and deciding what to do after school!

Student advice 

There is so much student advice to take in. Using your student discount is definitely the priority during your student life as you will definitely miss that when your student days are over! When you aren’t shopping or studying, make the most of your student time! It may be your first experience away from home, so make sure to take the time exploring your new home. Who doesn’t want the excuse to eat in new places or explore the local cities? You will meet so many people during your studies. You’ll make new friends at uni try and stay in contact with your friends at home as hopefully, you will see them during the holidays. There is plenty of student advice on our blog to answer any other questions that you may have!

University tips 

Arriving at Uni can be a daunting experience for everyone, but it’s not something to worry about as everyone is in the same boat and there are plenty of university tips to follow During your years at uni, you experience so much personal growth and many challenges. Finding life outside of lectures may be hard, but by living in student accommodation and joining student societies, you are bound to fit right in! There are so many societies and sports clubs to join, which are the perfect opportunity to combine exercise with alcohol, responsibly of course. Check out our blogs about university tips to make your student life that little bit easier!