As an employer, you’re probably wondering how to advertise jobs for free? Luckily, here on StudentJob, you can post a free job advert online, with us! StudentJob is Europe's largest student job portal, with over a million candidates of young talented workers. We have dedicated websites all over Europe, where you can post free job ads. 

How To Advertise Jobs For Free


StudentJob International


StudentJob has an innovative and exciting beginning, starting in 2000, by three Dutch Students. Looking for a part-time job to supplement their studies, they quickly realised this was rather hard to do. Seeing an opportunity and a gap in the market, they creatively started Student Work, and so StudentJob was born. Now, we have nine international StudentJob websites;


Future-Proof Your Company By Hiring Generation Z


Generation Z is the new workforce, and you, as an employer, will need to update and learn how to attract this new wave of young workers. Gen Z’ers astonish with technology, are highly inventive and are career-driven. What an exciting new generation! Having an understanding of Gen Z traits will help you stand out and start recruiting young talent before your competition gets on board. StudentJob specialises in young talent and Generation Z, so sign up for your company and start your free advertising for job vacancies.

We can give you tailored advice on your job adverts, and how to SEO-proof them and we even have your job postings on Google for Jobs! As a bonus, all of the job listings on our websites are mobile-friendly too; this is great for Generation Z!


How To Advertise Jobs For Free


Hire A Graduate For Your Company


Do you have any positions or entry-level vacancies that are perfect for graduates? Hiring a graduate is a positive step to make sure your company is growing and is adapting to change. Graduates are experts in their field, know all the new theories and practices and are keen to start implementing their taught skills in the workplace. Yes, a lot of graduates may not have a lot of work experience; however, graduates are full of potential. 

  • Graduates are cost-effective, usually taking a lower starting salary.
  • Graduates are whizz kids with technology and will know how to use the latest technology to their and yours, advantage. 
  • Graduates are brilliant thinkers; they see the world differently and show this through their creative ideas.
  • Graduates are adaptable, meaning you can mould them into the employee that you want.


Become A Partner With StudentJob


We know you are busy, and posting vacancies take away your precious time. Let StudentJob do the hard work for you! You can increase your company's branding by having a company page with us. All you have to do is register with us. Still not sure, just read our testimonials.

You can have access to free job advertising in under 5 minutes, and the candidates will start rolling in. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to working with you!

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