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Business advice

Are you looking for business advice? As a student, you may think a lot about getting a job, but have you ever thought about creating employment for yourself? It may be something you have dreamt of, but with our business advice hopefully, you can make that a reality! We have blogs covering plenty of advice on setting up a business, creating your own website and becoming a success. Remember us when you become famous! We also have business advice and tips for companies who are looking to write job adverts and recruit young professionals on StudentJob, so take a look now!

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Advice on setting up a business

There is so much advice on setting up a business that it can get confusing with what to follow. Unfortunately, there isn’t a business advice guide to 100% success, but we have compiled blogs which should answer all your questions. Starting a business is often all about learning and adapting as you go, so much sure that you are willing to adapt and overcome any hurdles. It may be hard work at first, which is why you may want to get experience in another job. Jobs such as internships can help prepare you with the necessary skills required to lead and run a start-up. These blogs should give you all the needed advice on setting up a business so that you are ready to go!

Free business advice

There is a lot of free business advice and free things that you can do to help your business become a success. While setting up your business, try to keep everything simple and narrow your focus, this will make you an expert in a certain product. Ultimately, you are fulfilling promises to customers and hoping to exceed expectations. Try and speak to other businesses in your area to help give you inside knowledge and free business advice about your local market. Also, our blog is completely free business advice. Feel free to read as many blogs and absorb as much knowledge possible! We won’t move so we are always here for you to come back to! 

Start-up advice for students

If you are setting up a student business, then you may be interested in our start-up advice for students. Why not use other students to help you? If you know someone with a creative drive, see if they can help you set up social media accounts and spread the word! If you are looking for young adults or students to join your company, then why not recruit through StudentJob! As a student, you will have a huge network around you. Maybe you could pitch your business advice to a society or demonstrate your product in a lecture. It is all about spreading the word and uni is the perfect place to do that! Carry on reading these blogs to find all the best business advice and start-up advice for students!