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The chances are that as a student you’re looking for ways to make money but also save money, that’s where managing your student budget comes in. Study books are expensive, nights out become pricey and sometimes you just want your favourite takeaway. There are plenty of ways to save money as a student and at uni, many of which can be taken forward for the rest of your life. This blog section it’s all about maximising your earnings and saving all those pennies to make them stretch even further. Let us know if you save a little fortune with our student budget tips!

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How to apply for student finance

So now you’re at uni you may be wondering about how to apply for student finance, or even just what it is. There are a few different schemes in place that can help you with your uni years and student budget. Let’s take the tuition loan, this can help you pay for your university course and is paid from the government straight to your Uni. Whereas the maintenance loan is there to help you with your living expenses with food, bills and travel for example. This one depends on a few different variables, such as whether you are living at home with your parents or are away from home. It also takes into account where you study, whether it is in London, outside London or abroad, so it’s worth checking what you’re eligible for. You can also register for this on the website. Check out some of our blogs for more information on how to apply for student finance. P.s. make sure you don’t miss the deadlines!

Uni budget

So the maintenance loan hits and it’s your lucky day! However, the day after may not seem so lucky when you have to work out your student budget. That’s why you need to learn how to manage a uni budget, making sure you can pay for bills, rent and everything required for your studies. It sounds pretty boring we know! However, it’s pretty easy to spend all the cash at once and spend the rest of your life eating toast and pasta (to be fair, that doesn’t sound too bad!). So grab your laptop and open your good old friend Excel. Start by working out how much finance you will receive each term. The next part is to work out all your different spending and in no time you will have your uni budgeting sheet up and running. Keeping track on your finances definitely helps you figure out your uni budget with income and outgoings. 

Budgeting tips for students

Hopefully, you’ve now secured your loan, so, let’s go through some more budgeting tips for students that you may not have thought of! You may have been told that you need 10 different uni books every year, these can get pricey! Try and shop secondhand or find digital versions online, this can definitely help save your bank balance. There are also plenty of things you can do for free, going to the beach or the local park and having a picnic are some of the cheaper ways to have a good day out on a uni budget! Explore the blogs to find more budgeting tips for students