Work experience

Work experience

Work experience is vital for yourself to understand the skills you have and what career you ultimately want to end up in. Work experience can be in the format of working at a company for a week in the form of a taster session. This is a great opportunity offered by companies to give you insight and build up your work experience portfolio. Another form of work experience is volunteering, this is great if you don’t have experience as who can say no to a volunteer? When it comes to applying for jobs you’ll be asked all about any roles you have, all are valuable to include!

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How to get work experience

You may be wondering how to get work experience? Like any job, you just need to start applying! Everyone has to start somewhere, so plenty of businesses are open to employing newbies. You also need to know where to look! Other than StudentJob, use your network and talk to family and friends, who knows what could come up! Also, a big part of getting work experience is by looking for the right type of job. If you are looking for your first job, then look at sectors which hire people with little or no experience. Retail and customer service jobs are great examples of starter jobs and are perfect for people who love to interact with others. How about getting an internship or applying or an apprenticeship role? Both offer on the job training and you get paid! Hopefully, our advice will help you find out how to get work experience

How to get a job with no experience

So, how do you get a job with no experience? Alongside making your CV and cover letter relevant for the job at hand, below are a few other ways to make sure you secure that job without having past work experience! Your CV is also a chance to show off your other passions. Why not start a side hustle? This can be anything from a blog, creating art pieces or setting up a club. Guess what! Employers love this type of thing as it shows off your personality. Also, volunteering goes a long way when applying to your first job as it shows you are reliable and willing to help others and can help you understand how to get a job with no experience. 

Work experience tips for your first day

Congratulations for landing work experience! Now for the big first day. It is totally normal to have first-day nerves but there are a few things to remember to make your first day go smoothly. Some of our top work experience tips include turning up on time and dressing smartly. Try to remember that you aren't expected to know everything so don’t get worried if you don’t! Check out these blogs about entering the world of work for more guidance and knowledge on work experience tips. Gaining work experience is all about learning and growing. So, good luck and enjoy!