Career path

Career path

Your whole life you are asked what you want to do with your career path. For some, their childhood dream becomes reality, however, others will go through GCSEs, A-levels, uni and still have no idea! Our blog is here to give you a helping hand and get more insight into a certain career and work out what is the right career path for you. There are a few things that you can do to help your career path and plan. Identifying your skills and interests and exploring different ideas will help you understand your options.

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Entering the world of work

So, you have made it and you are on the lookout to enter the world of work. First things first, get on your job search! It is never too early to start looking. If you are looking for a graduate role, then StudentJob has a range of graduate positions all over the UK for you to explore. Always remember to tailor your application! When you are entering the world of work, always remember to find a job that suits you and your skillset. You don’t want to land a job and hate it straight away, so make sure to take your time so you can find the right job for you! 

What to expect from life working

Whether you’re entering a part-time job or a full-time graduate role, there are plenty of questions to ask about life working and your career path. You may think that you are throwing away your social life, but you are so wrong! It is time to welcome adult socialising or after-work drinks and staff parties, trust me, they could soon become your wildest nights out ever! Of course, life working may be a shock if you are working full time, however, in no time you will be settled in your new role. You may need to manage your time better to fit in all your extra activities, but make sure to embrace your new life and remember to always have new work goals. Check out the rest of our blogs to find out more about what to expect from life working and managing your work-life balance.

Career guide

From advice on various qualifications, career development and all things about securing a job, our career path and career guide answer all your questions! New to the world of contacts and employment rights? No need to worry, we have plenty of blogs and advice to explain all things employment. This section is all about grabbing a cuppa and filling yourself with all the employment advice and career guidance possible! If you are looking for information relating to payslips and dismissal, then check out our dedicated career guide too to help you with your career path.